2018-09 September

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in September 2018

Saturday 1st September 08.00am ride
JR writes:
Attending: RK, ZA, JR, MA, PT (TK briefly) & GD.

Items discussed: The pounds/sq foot pressure of tyres, – particularly for a 40 stone rider, and various other items, all complete bo!!*~#ks.

At this point the peloton (having still not quit the start point) were joined by TK: The Go West Ride was discussed (see separate e-mail). After this Mr. Kersley departed the gathering to fulfil a previous engagement at Cheltenham Ladies College.

Meaningful conversations during the rest of the outing – zero.

Route: Tolmare Farm, Michelgrove, Angmering Park, Warningcamp, Burpham, SDW to the barn at which point ZA – club chaplain (temporarily de-frocked as team vicar) departed for a family picnic at Sleepy Hollow, Sullington. The remainder of the riders headed south to Findon,

En-route PT encountered a lost sheep in the form of Mr. G Derrick FGCC. With the team vicar being temporarily unlicenced (and also not there), Paul kindly took over pastoral duties and shepherded the lost sheep back into the fold – had the Club Chaplain been there he doubtless would have rejoiced as Heaven always welcomes repentant sinners – George having strayed many years ago.onto greener pastures: a golf course.

George was persuaded to join us for a splendid brek at Julia’s and as a reward for his repentance it was decided that the days ride (some 18m and 1900 feet of ascent) should count for George’s annual miles total.

Stats: 18 miles and 1900 feet of ascent

Standards: maintained at all times.

Saturday 8th September 08.00am ride
Sheep Fair day, so short ride proposed.
Church Hill, Clapham Woods down to the A27 through very dry track, back along the A27 to Cote Street and up to the viewing seat at the top. The world put to rights over a period of around 15 minutes, we set off only to discover that RT had a blasteet and the peloton was astonished to discover that the inner tube had zero repairs on it. Fixed and then we set off to High Salvington, down Mill Lane and doubled back along the gallops past Rogers Farm and return to Findon for a brek.
Total: A mere 7.8 miles and 850 ft.

Saturday 15th September 08.00am ride
Another short ride as JR had to get back to report for duties – FGCC salute when this was announced. JR’s proposal of a 4 peaks was followed by a request from KBS for a reverse 4 peaks, which was swiftly rejected by JR due to something to do with his beer consumption the night before. Cissbury car park, Chanctonbury and over the high top down to the Washington car park. Parted company with Team Vicar who returned via Windlesham. Peloton continued up to the High Barn, then south past the gun club, collarbone alley and top of Church Hill, dropping down it to return to Findon for a brek.
Total 10.7 miles 1,113 ft

Friday 21st/Saturday 22nd September Go West ride
Day 1. Findon – Winchester – Buriton ( Brake Fail, Cake Stale, Take Ale)
28 Miles, 2750 feet climbing.
Messrs Zach Allen (Golden Heels), Richard Thomas (No Brakes), John Roche (Bakers Gallon) and Tim Kersley (Codfather) all congregated at Pond Green with weather set fair.
We rode to West Worthing (passing the sad sight of the Gurkha) for train to Winchester. During the journey we confirmed that RTs recently serviced rear brake had failed … despite google searches that spoke highly of repair shops we established that no one in Winchester was interested in brake repairs. We therefore focussed on breakfast with morning coffee at the refectory in Winchester Cathedral.
The ride proper commenced from King Alfreds statue heading west on South Downs way. We paused at Cheesefoot head, the site used by Eisenhower to address 100,000 US troops ahead of the Normandy landings. ( Band of Findoners at Cheesefoot Head).

FGCC peloton at Cheesfoot head

Continuing along SDW to Beacon Hill enjoying views of Isla De Blanca & Meon Valley before descending for an enjoyable lunch at ‘Shoe Inn’, Exton. For some this represented the chance for refreshment (including Cod), for others the official start of the ‘Golden Gallon’.
The afternoon proved enjoyable but challenging, climbs up old Westminster Hill, through Meon Valley, climbing towards the summit of Butser Hill (the highest point on the SDW) and the fastest descent on the SDW. We made good time and sufficient to allow a short stop at Queen Elisabeth Country Park for afternoon tea.… which probably would have been fresher had the ride been a week earlier as originally planned….
The last 5 miles after tea provided an opportunity for a second brake failure (this time JR), some rather impressive corrective surgery by JR (clearly the dauphine to the TM) allowing a final descent through woods to Buriton arriving at the rather stunning village pond and Church in Buriton immediately followed by arrival at the refurbished and comfortable digs (Village Inn).
We found the 5 bells to have better beer, food, homely atmosphere and fine service so drank and ate more cod, whilst studying maps for day 2, prompting local arguments on Brexit, toasting of absent friends, and continuing the journey to the gallon and beyond.
Total 27 miles 2,614 ft climbed (not inc ride to station from Findon or to start point from station in Winchester)

Go West ride Friday – elevations

Go West ride Friday

Day 2. Buriton – Harting Down- Hooksway – Kingley Vale – Chichester.
20 miles , 1750 feet climbing.
A mighty fine breakfast (including Hallumi for vegetarians) prepared us well for day 2. Minor inconveniences attended to (2 blastites) we followed the ZA / JR route up the scarp face of the downs to rejoin the SDW. Rolling countryside and woods led us to Harting Down. A chance to experience a sense of timelessness, dramatic hill top views , secluded valleys, punctuated only by… punctures and the great pump debacle. This not being a criticism on that fine piece of pneumatic engineering possessed by RT, rather the fact that the very point at which we chose to address Zach’s ailing front tyre was the very and exact same point at which another pump that TK and JR were given to use on our last SDW ride failed in spectacular fashion – clearly a ley-line is running under Harting Down at that point. Despite the risk of delay Zach was most insistent that his tyre needed to be inflated and this was duly resolved whilst others enjoyed the fantastic view of South Harting.
The SDW then took us to the grave of the German pilot (JR/ZA/RT pay respects) who apparently lost his life ensuring that his crashing bomber avoided the nearby village whilst his colleagues parachuted to safety.

FGCC pay respects at German pilot’s grave

Leaving the SDW we arrived at the Royal Oak pub at Hooksway, too early for lunch so took a great track through woods to Chilgrove and started a steady climb to Kingley Vale. Crossing the path of the Monachs way Ride at the top of the ‘double ‘B’ hill we continued through ancient woodland before two sequences of descending and short road to lavant. We used the centurian way to proceed to Chichester where we all lunched at Chichester Cathedral , where with good fortune TK was able to have Cod again.
All made way to Chichester station JR/ZA/RT returning to Findon and TK to Petersfield to pick up the LSV
A great ride with a number of good venues and unexplored Route options offering the possibility of an even better repeat ride ( subject to APM / EPM)

Total 19.6 miles 1,787 ft climbed (not including return to Findon from WW station)

Go West ride Saturday elevations
Go West ride Saturday

Saturday 22nd September 08.00am ride.
Solo ride for the Flying Brit. His usual circular route through APE starting with Monarch’s way, right to above Lee Farm, along the ridge to west entry to APE and then southern circuit to rejoin Monarch’s way for return to Tolmare. Guestimate 12 miles and 1,000 ft.

Saturday 29th September 08.00am ride
Saturday morning ride with a brek as Shoreham airport.
Cissbury and straight over to the Steyning Road continuing east to Coombe Farm. Then headed north along the road to get onto the Downslink and following south to the footbridge at Shoreham airport, going over it and into the airport for another excellent brek. JR surprised all by suggesting that we return home via Lancing clump rather than the seafront.
Total 14.6 miles and 1,014 ft climbed (Strava).