2013.10 October

Saturday 5th October 08.00am ride
Shoreham selected for a few bridges for TK. MT on steed borrowed from RT. Up Stable Lane, and left to the SDW, but a “blasteet” for RT before the turn off to SDW. Past Langmead and down the concrete road, just before which TK parted company from the peleton to return home.
Route via Bramber roundabout onto the Downslink and down to Shoreham for a brek at Truffles. After the brek we wanted to try the new footbridge, but found it still not open when we got there. Via Ropetackle we went back up the Downslink, across the old bridge and up Lancing Clump.
The the ruts on the narrow drop from Steep Down claimed a victim – MT came a cropper and buckled his front wheel. We managed to straighten the wheel out sufficiently for MT to continue – two holding the wheel, one pushing down the out of line part and the fourth counterbalancing – having received some assistance also from a passing cycle group. The incident didn’t warrant a memorial, with MT objecting about the way all concern was being expressed for the bike and none for the victim – welcome to the FGCC Mark!
Over and up to Langmead and round via SDW to Stable Lane and down to Braeside.
JR kindly donated a spare wheel from his stock of bike spares in his garage and this was used to replace the buckled wheel, which is being retained by JR in anticipation of a wheel-balancing masterclass by the TM at some stage. We also replaced MT’s front brake whilst tea was served, so MT’s steed should now be back in action.
Total 20miles?

Saturday 12th October 08.00am ride.
A Steyning ride.
Route up Stable Lane, over to SDW to Langmead and down the concrete road. A stop for maintenance of the PT2 memorial, followed by the FGCC “Ode to the fallen”, naturally.
A brek at Truffles, during which the whereabouts of Team Vicar was queried. No one knowing, the conversation turned to how one might keep track of a roving vicar, perhaps there should be an ecclesiastical tracker. What to call it “vicar tracker”? Final choice of brand name selected “Rector Detector”.
Return via Kings Barn Lane and Downslink on which RT suffered a “blasteet”. On to the SDW past Belsen for Bacons, Langmead and finishing off with yet another futile attempt at a “last post” from the junction from the SDW.
Total 16 miles?

Saturday 19th October 08.00am ride
Ride to “Jackie’s”, or as it became “the Flying Roche” ride.
Route up Muntham, to the SDW and then down Rackham. The going was a bit slippery and JR went flying over the side rolling about 25ft down the bank, with his steed going about 10ft. Thanks to plenty of Harvey’s the previous evening no damage was done.
Past Pulborough visitor centre and across the brooks, which were remarkably “dry”, to “Jackie’s” where 2 of us had the massive full English – definitely one of the best breakfasts around. Thank you Chris, who was funding the brek.
Return route back through the east side of the brooks, past the Hurston Warren golf course, round the north side of Storrington, and then up Sullington hill and back the usual route to Findon.
Total 24 miles.

Saturday 26th October 08.00am ride
The weekend of the much publicised “big storm”, the threat of high winds and heavy rain may have been one of the causes for the low turnout. As it happened we started to pleasant sunny weather, though very windy.
Route selected was a 3.5 peaks starting up to Cissbury car park. Almost blown over at Chanctonbury as is usual with high winds. As we got to the top of the climb to the high barn on the other side of the A24 the rain started so the short cut along the farm track to the left was taken. By the time we got to Pukkamuck HQ the rain was getting heavy so it was decided to return straight down the hill to Findon. No incidents.
Total 8 miles?

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