02.2021 February

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in February 2021

Saturday 6th February 08.00am ride

TK first to report:

Hope you all got out for a ride

I did a Shoreham loop , south from Findon to Offington back of Broadwater to Sompting village , to Lancing level crossing turning immediately left along route of my old paperround .. to A259 to Shoreham , long queue for coffee so headed over foot bridge to Shoreham beach , to Worthing , Grand avenue , to ultimately climb Mill lane to the mill itself descending the bostal to enter Nepcote round village and home .. arrived dry !

To brighter times and legal pelotons ! (Plotaroute total 19.3miles & 715ft )

CB + RT. CB commented in reply to TK’s message:

Some similarity to mine and Richard’s route.  But with a bit more on the downs for us.

We saw the Rev Allen briefly as we headed out of Findon, he being intent on a westerly route to take advantage on the return leg along Long Furlong which is of course closed to traffic.

Richard and I headed North along the A24 to the junction just before North end Farm where we turned to the East and climbed up to Chanctonbury where we could see absolutely no sign of the usual spendid view as we were immersed in cloud.  Continuing on the South Downs Way to the Langmead memorial we decided to take on the bacons route (the SDW) and continue to Shoreham.

The SDW was slippery but surprisingly rideable and we reached the Downslink without incident.  We continued south to Shoreham making good speed along the Downslink.  After a brief discussion we opted to take away from la patisserie but then seeing the queue we returned to Truffles to buy tea and bacons.

Richard as always charmed the staff by commenting on the newly refitted Truffles which he was told was refined and refreshed like the staff.  Onwards to the lagoon, seafront to the Dolphin, trying to dodge large crowds along the seafront, and back up through Tarring.  Earlier in the ride Richard had suggested that I would be disappointed with the lack of Italian mountains on the route so we decided to return to Findon via mill lane, climbing up to the windmill, and then drop to the A24.

Sadly we didn’t see Mr Kersley or any other gentlemen, but we felt invigorated having found the sun which appeared somewhere along worthing seafront and then accompanied us back to Necroft.

Good to be out.   (Plotaroute total 22.2miles & 1,335ft)

AM next to report:

To Cissbury car park – SDW to Langmead- down the Bostal to Steyning. Downslink to Shoreham. Bacon baguette and coffee at Patisserie then onwards to the fort. Back to Worthing- Ferring via seafront- up Sea Lane to Ilex Way along to the bike shop in Goring, To West Worhing crossing and straight up to A24 back to Findon via Nepcote Paper shop, A24 and back to school hill. Cateye Says 30.3 miles. Misty start,sunny middle, cloudy finish,

but great to be out (Plotaroute total 27.5 miles & 1,132ft)
ZA next:

Briefly had the pleasure of Messrs. Budd & Thomas’ company as I set out this a.m.: A 24 to Parkfield Farm (to check on caravan); Glaseby Lane/ SDW up Highden Hill – spotted pr of Stonechats W of Chantry Post, Kithurst Hill c/p; quite suddenly, thick mist enveloping the Downs, lifted at this point and the sun came out 🌞

forked L, past The Burgh; Peppering High Barn, Peppering Lane, R towards Peppering Fm, L to Burpham Church (open to visitors 🙂) Lower route, emerging opposite Wepham Lodge to turn R, then immed. L to take b’way up and then down to The Knell, R – taking L fork (rather than Monarchs Way nr CB Memorial, 2009); up to jn with Warningcamp/ Blakehurst Rd: L past Hill Barn along track becoming tarmac rd through Upper Wepham Woods (Angmering Park Estate) R to The Dover, emerging on footpath alongside A27 towards Hammerpot: past boarded-up Woodmans Arms, old Arundel Rd past The Fox, France Lane, Coldharbour Hill (Patching); A280 (Long Furlong) back to Findon. Road currently closed between The Street, Clapham and jn with A27 (. 1-12 Feb) – a total of 8 cars overtook me, whilst just 2 passed in the opposite direction. Just over 3 hrs, c.25 mins of which spent in Burpham churchyard/ church. Breakfast taken solo on return … (Plotaroute total 18.6 miles & ?ft)

JR then added:

As ever, excellent narratives from all. For the first time this year I too represented the FGCC abroad yesterday and I too took advantage of the closure of Long Furlong for my return leg. First though:
Left World HQ as soon as there was a gap in the security defences, headed due south on A24 (taking in the ancient villages/hamlets of Findon, Nepcote, Heene and Tarring), until I almost ran out of England where Heene Road joins Marine Parade, at the western border with the ancient fishing village of Worthing – no border skirmishes noted although there were some fairly dodgy characters out airing their families along the southern-most borders of Albion which necessitated the hero of this story having to avoid the cycle path.
West till Sea Lane, Goring (taking in the ancient village of Goring), then on to Ilex way, admiring the art-deco housing on the first bit of the Ilex, continuing west and finally going off-road until reaching tarmac heaven at the next Sea Lane (and taking in the ancient village of Ferring). Headed north across the railway, immediate left (in order to take in the ancient hamlet of Hangleton), then north onto Highdown for more non-tarmac-time. North to the north-end of Titnore Lane to cross the A27 to venture onto Long Furlong. Returned to Findon only after bi-section of the ancient villages of Patching and Clapham and casting admiring glances across the hills at the ancient hamlet of Michelgrove. (Plotaroute total 14.4 miles & 656ft).
Stats are as follows:
Distance: 16.5 miles, (14 ENs).
Elevation: 266 feet (i.e. Highdown).
Punctures: thankfully zero.
Marriage proposals: Zero (I think but all to please keep a weather-eye this week on the personal columns of The London Times just in case).
Club Standards: Maintained at all times.

and finally PT concluded:

A sterling turnout yesterday saw seven Gentlemen making tracks over Sussex.
My own ride got off to a shaky start, discovering the new tyre and new tube fitted on Friday had gone flat overnight.  Assuming it was a failure to tighten the valve, I pumped it up and set off.  By Southwater the tyre was soft enough to need attention, so I refitted the previous tube under the gaze of a very impassive iguanodon.
my route then went down the Downslink to the Orchard, east along the A272 to Belmoredean, then north to Maplehurst.  A left turn got me to Copsale and back on the Downsink, where I went north to Christ’s and turned off at Baystone bridge to Broadbridge Heath and Horsham (Plotaroute total 17.7miles & 853ft)

Saturday 13th February 08.00am ride

At an EVPM the previous evening it was agreed (in a moment of diminution of standards, some would say) that whilst we cannot ride en-peloton due to the pandemic gentlemen could record one ride over the whole “long-weekend” for inclusion in the Bling statistics.

First to report was Mr Avery for Friday ride:

Following the decision taken during this evening’s meeting, may I respectfully submit the below ride for consideration for this week’s bling award. Total 22.3 miles and 2,053ft.


Then Mr Mead:

To Cissbury Car park- Sdw- Langmead- down to the road – back to the Bost Hill- down into Steyning. Stopped for a coffee and a chat with a pal from college on Roman Road. Downs Link to Shoreham- to the fort and back to Patisserie for coffee and bacons. Back along the seafront with the wind. Another coffee stop at East Worthing- along to George V and up through the Park to West Worthing crossing then straight up to A24 turned right up to Nepcote Green down into the village and home via the paper shop and the A27. Cateye says

27.3 miles. Bloody cold and slow going into the wind but flying west. And almost warm in the sunshine. Good to see people last night.
Bon chance mon amis.
Then Paul:
Another chilly circuit from Horsham – up to Warnham via the new bridleway (mile 2)
then west toward Rusper, pausing to contemplate roadside icicles at about mile 4.5
Pass south of Rusper along the ridge, then round to Ifield Mill.  Back via frozen bridleways and icy lanes.
Feet not quite cold enough to be numb, but just cold enough to be felt! (Total 17.4 miles and 794ft).

Zach’s ride:

Having summoned the wherewithal to confront the Beast from the East, I was glad to be able to avail myself of the use of Margaret’s ebike!

->Offington Corner > Offington Dr > Loxwood Ave > Lawrence Ave > South Fm Rd > Clifton Rd > Crescent Rd > Worthing Esplanade/cycle path to Ferry Rd, Shoreham; A259 E to cross Shoreham Harbour at Custom House Locks > Basin Road and up to join Kingsway at E end of Aldrington Basin > passed Hove Lagoon, L Berriedale Ave, L New Church Rd, R Portland Ave, L Portland Rd, L Chelston Ave to check on Daniel (younger bro/participant in C2C 2007): crossed railway line by Portslade Station > B2194/Victoria Rd > B2139/Trafalgar Rd > Shelldale Rd > Manor Hall > R, then L Roman Cres > Cross Rd > Upper Shoreham Rd > Old Shoreham Bridge > Old Shoreham Rd/A27 > L Grinstead Lane > R, Crabtree Lane > Cokeham Rd > B2222/Brighton Rd West (through Sompting) > L Allington Rd > Clarendon Rd/Penfold Rd > Sompting Rd > Leigh Rd/Charmandean Rd > returning via Offington Ave/Offington Dr, Findon Valley and Nepcote c 29 mls; 3.5 hrs


CB & RT’s ride – RT reports:

I don’t know about you but I have been finding lately that it take a good half an hour into a ride to get going properly, so yesterday, encouraged by my fitness trainer daughter I decided to do some warm up stretches prior to the ride.
In the company of Mr Budd I set off for our ride full of enthusiasm for the benefits of my efforts. Up Nepcote Lane and taking the track at the end of the green we crossed to the upper section of Stable lane at which point the Italian Stallion galloped up the hill whilst I struggled quite a long way behind belittling in my mind the supposed benefits of the warmup. It was only as we got to the track from Cissbury that I realised that the sub zero temperature had resulted in binding my front brakes thus slowing me down. Released from this I was then (by comparison) able to get going at high speed.
Up to Chanctonbury and over the top by the dew pond towards Washington, then a right at the bottom to take us through the woods to the bottom of Llama lane. The frozen ground made for a great ride through the woods almost at dry summer speeds albeit with a few sections that were so churned up that it was impossible to continue to riding across the frozen tops and having to walk instead.
Chanctonbury ring road, Spithandle Lane, with an unsuccessful attempt to find the cut through, and into Steyning for bacons baguettes and teas. Then Downslink and Lancing clump, but by the time we got to the top the ground had softened and we were forced to walk because of the cloying mud. Motorway section back to Findon. Great conditions for a ride.
Sadly it looks like we will be back to slow cloying muddy riding conditions again but that won’t stop us getting out. Total 22.9miles & 1,686ft.

Saturday 20th February 08.00am ride

AM first off the blocks to report:

Les Trois Promenades. Accidentally ended up in Bognor via A259 New bypass round to The Pink Pub at Bersted. Down to the sea at Aldwick and along the seafront to Middleton.Back up to the A259 at Comet corner. To Littlehampton via The footbridge along the seafront through Rustington East Preston, Ferring, Goring, and down George V

Ave to Worthing Sea Front.Along to the Half Brick and back up to the A27, A24 Nepcote Green, paper shop and home. The yellow cateye says 46.2 miles. Didn’t mean to go that far but compared to the last few weeks it was a nice day, and the south wind was not ever in one’s face. Great ride. Bon Chance mes amis. Total 44.6 miles & 915ft.

MA next:

What a ride this morning.  Arranging to happenstance upon Richard and Chris at Whiteways Lodge circa 10, I set off to Warningcamp via Dover Lane and the monarch’s way then north to Pepperings Lane, including a detour through a field which I thought was a bridleway. About the time I decided it wasn’t and thought about retracing my steps as it where, I was gently accosted by a quad bike riding farmer to whom I gave the appearance of one who has lost his way. He confirmed I was indeed not on the bridleway and directed me to return to the gate I’d cycled through and turn left and that would get be back on track. I did in fact turn right out the gate and found the route I was looking for which took me via North Stoke to Houghton Bridge, to Houghton then right to join the SDW on its ascent of Bury Hill then on for another while before turning south to Whiteways Lodge.

Chris and Richard appeared a couple of minutes later and after the customary greeting we set off west through the woods then cut back south to join the A29 at Fairmile Bottom.

Chris suffered a wardrobe malfunction to his footwear (again) which resulted in him riding thereafter without the right cleat. Somehow this caused him to cycle/walk up a footpath rather than following Richard and myself, never really understood why, so we agreed to meet up again in Arundel. Richard and I climbed up into Rewell Woods and followed the path down into Arundel.

After the usual excellent brek, we returned via Warningcamp and Dover Lane to Patching Pond then under the A27 and up to Highdown. At this point we made our farewells and I turned West to return home via The Spotted Cow. Total 28.4 miles and 2,458ft

CB reply to MA:

Yes good to see you Mark and the beautiful new steed.

It was actually the left shoe and more specifically the cleat that failed again (as per Isle of Wight many years ago).  The footpath was a ‘plan’ to get to the top on the steepest path possible seeing as I would likely struggle up the hill without the cleat and therefore I may as well have taken the steep steps and walked.

The new shoes are now with cleats and ready for action. Otherwise my ride was more or less the same as Richard’s except that I took the footpath route from the A29 into the woods before joining the bridleway and in to Arundel.

CB’s & RT’ride:

Seeking again slightly different rides from the standard routes and wanting to have the wind on our backs for the return journey we set off for Whiteways via Amberley (including a boggy track via the vineyard route courtesy of the tractor traffic) and up the bridleway parallel to the road to Whiteways. Surprise meeting with Mr Avery and his new steed. Mark acting as route leader took us firstly west into Houghton Forest and we soon learnt that following his confident charge into thick mud was not a good idea due to our not having the additional emf assistance. A loop to the west of the A29 and back to cross it further south at which point Mr Budd had to remove his cleat as one bolt had already come loose. At this point a mini-debacle took place with AM & RT setting off not realising that CB had decided to walk up a footpath. After the two had returned to the same point to find CB gone we agreed via telegraphic communications to meet in Arundel. Very steep hill through Rewell Wood was not a problem for the e-bike but RT had to walk (it was hard work even to walk) and then a route to bring us out by the Ford roundabout on the A27 in Arundel.

Refreshed with tea and bacons and mushroom baguettes the least demanding route on CB’s clip-less shoe was discussed – Warningcamp, APE, Dover Road A27. But at this point a misunderstanding took place (another mini-debacle?) with CB wanting to go to Highdown via Angmering and MA interpreting from the discussions the route via top of Titnore Lane. Still fully charged Team Aromatherapist sped on taking us on his interpreted route stopping only by the Fox pub for discussion. Agreed that since we were there we should continue on this route we parted company at the top of Highdown with the usual FGCC covid farewell greeting. We had been in the company of a father and son pair to whom we explained both the FGCC greeting to which he commented that he had better go as he had “an appointment with fear in 10 minutes” which of course called for giving him the FGCC salute.

Down past Durrington to Salvington, up Mill Lane and along part of the Gallops but down to the A24 but the BP station, as by this time CB reckoned that his one-pedal cycling had doubled the size of his right leg due to the extra work, and back to Nepcroft. Total 30.5 miles and 2,400ft.

TK’s ride:

Again , fearing the deep mud, and being generally a fair weather cyclist , I took a non mud route. (A later introduction by PT when circulating the route maps read   “Tim eased himself out of bed, noted a reduced chance of mud, and took his bike out of its velvet-lined case”)

Findon to cisbury , down the new motorway , through mud ( arfghh) and to steyning bostal , then used road to steyning bowl and Down concrete track past PT2 memorial to bramble castle , thence down the downlink to the toll bridge , and shoreham ( truffles ) returned via A 259, north through lancing over level crossing to Crabtree lane turning west to follow road to sompting , through. Sompting village , east Worthing to broad water green , offington avenue , crossing offington lane to climb up half moon lane , mill lane to the windmill, descend bostal to A 24 and then right into nepcote , complete circuit of Findon and back home ..  all dry and no dramas with cleats , batteries or any other aspect .. Total 19.8miles & 1,217ft.

PT’s ride:

Having diagnosed my front fork deflation problem, I am still considering how to solve it.  A piece of flint of exactly the right size became lodged between the inner fork tube (left one, where the air spring is) and the top of the moving tube, where the bridge joins the two moving legs.  Any bigger and the flint would have been unable to enter the space, and any smaller and it would have harmlessly fallen out.  As it is, there are now furrows in the inner tube caused by the flint moving up and down with the suspension, so the air seal is compromised.  Replacing the seals would not cure the problem, so for the time being I am reinflating the forks before each outing!

That said, after furious inflation with a tiny pump, I took a “railway”route out of Horsham via Littlehaven station (mile 2), then swung west to re-cross the tracks at Warnham station (mile 3.5).

Then by road up to Rowhook (mile 7) and on to Ellens Green and towards Rudgewick.  Turning right down Lynwick Lane I visited the cheese on toast stop (mile 11.5), to disappointingly find it closed until 10am.
Back down the Downslink to Christs Hospital, then by road back into Horsham.  Felt like hard work, because front brake problem still apparent, so more comprehensive fettling ensued involving extraction of disgusting black brake fluid (it should not be black!).  Will road test later today, as it is sunny here in the north of Sussex. Total 19.8miles and 981ft.

His Reuters days returning to the fore, JR announced his ride with the following headline – PRESS RELEASE FROM WORLD HQ

Now that grabbed your attention I bet.
Now that I have you fully tuned in  it is worth pointing out the value of these ride reports and before reading mine I would urge the reader to scroll down and luxuriate in the high STANDARD, quality text from Mr. Richard Thomas FGCC (shown below), for two reasons:
1. It is a fine description of a splendid ride &:
2. It will save me a lot of typing.
This is because, after reading this fine work I felt so inspired by its contents that I was moved to copy this ride today (Sunday). I understand that under the current emergency situation – especially when local legislation may bar Saturday rides en-mass – pre-Tuesday rides count towards the bling. The fringe benefit here is that as well as saving me typing time it will:
3. Save the club’s official cartographer a bit of time too.
Actually my ride was slightly shorter at 25.5 miles (20.833 ENs) because I didn’t do the deep dive into Houghton Forest. Also I came straight from Crossbush home via the lower (Dover) route to Clapham and from there to Michelgrove and Tolmare Farms – avoiding Long Furlong and faithfully following the route taken by Charles II to Findon.
I do have at least one witness as, on my way out, I met Mr. Chris Budd FGCC, Whipmeister, at Chantry Car Park where he was out airing the family. Kind words of encouragement were spoken to spur me on in my quest to follow in the pre-blazed trail scouted by yesterday’s fine pioneers. I was probably also spotted on the return leg by the vast array of security cameras that surely surround the abode of the Flying Brit. Which reminds me, I took a minor tarmac diversion at Whiteways lodge to travel via Madehurst and admire St. Mary’s church. On reaching the A29 it was but the work of a moment to turn left and find the bridleway up the steep hill through Rewel Wood. Here I followed in the footsteps of Mr. Richard Thomas quite literally as I too took the hill ‘a pied’.
BTW reference to another excellent blog entry about one of the IOW rides will confirm that Mr. Budd has ‘previous form’ when it comes to problems with cleats.
Plotaroute total 23.8miles – map shared with ZA’s report below.

ZA’s ride:Having spent much of Saturday rounding up and retrieving my steeds (from Rustington & Angmering), I ventured forth today on my GIANT (road bike).


A280 (Long Furlong), Patching – Coldharbour/France Lane/Arundel Rd;

A27 (cycle path) Hammerpot, Crossbush;

Arundel – The Causeway, Tarrant St, footpath under A27 and thence on to Ford Rd:

Ford Lane, L into Yapton; R towards, and through Barnham to Eastergate

A29 Westergate, Lidsey, Shripney, to roundabout by Bognor Regis Memorial Hospital.

TownCross Ave, Victoria Drive, L B2166 – The Esplanade, Gloucester Rd, High St, B2259

Felpham – Upper Bognor Rd, Felpham Rd, Vicarage Lane, Limmer lane, Summerley Lane, B2259,

Middleton – B2132, Yapton Rd to jn with A259 to

Ferry Rd (Littlehampton), B2187, High St, Beach Rd, St Catherine’s Rd, South Terrace, Sea Rd/B2140 to

Rustington, Sea Lane, R into Seafield Rd, Broadmark Lane, R Bushby Ave, Sea Ave, B2140/Station Rd,

East Preston – Vicarage Lane, The Street, B2140/Worthing Rd, to R’abt A259/Littlehampton Rd

Goring – A2032 from R’abt by Northbrook College,

Durrington – Durrington Lane, Durrington Hill; Salvington Hill/Furze Rd/Bost Hill

Findon Rd, Nepcote and return, c.35-40 mls(?)

Good to be out; nice to have steeds back in stable; notable difference in riding experience after 3 previous outings on ebike!

Total 40.5miles and 1.335ft


RK’s secret ride:

Was it a covert mission but captured by Strava? As PT commented Grand to see …particularly Roy relieved of matters of state long enough to get a ride in!

Summarising, Roy was out and about in Hertfordshire. Total 31.7miles & 1,709ft.

Saturday 27th February 08.00am ride

Zach reports:

Dep. Midhurst, N St car park c.10.45 on A272 to Easebourne; L opposite church up Easebourne Street, through Bexley Hill along Highstead Lane to (briefly) join road from Lodsworth before turning L by pub before Lickfold Bridge heading for Fernhurst, halting for 25 mins at Church ..

Crossed A286 heading E through Elmers Green, crossing ROMAN ROAD in Milland; continuing to head E passing by Harting Combe before turning L to climb up to crossroads by Tullecombe, taking L turn SP ‘Chithurst’; at Borden took track, ‘Green Lane’ (only off-road section on this route) turning R (SE) onto road and on down to Hammer Lane which after Crouchhouse Farm becomes Stedham Lane onto Woolbeding via Brambling Fm;

brief stop at church (closed) before pausing to take photo of Woolbeding Bridge (attached) and thus back to starting point ( via L turn by Half Moon pub on A272 half a mile W of Midhurst, c.13.50: in time to load bike into car before presenting self at S Downs National Park Authority building opposite for Jab!

What a wonderful day to be out: saw quite a few other ‘roadies’ out – quiet lanes thereabouts ideal for road cycling. Total 21.5 miles and 1,722ft



Andy’s ride:

Road Bike. Late start. fitted new tyres as old ones down to the canvas. Down to A259 via A24, Offington drive, The Plantation, New Road, past Tescos. A259 to Climping. Right up towards Ford Prison, left Horsemere Green Lane, right at the end, through Yapton, Barnham towards A27. Left to Oving, Drayton,   and back to A259. Continue to Bognor Roundabout on A27, left on to Vinnetrow and down to Runcton. Left at Runcton towards Pagham left to Bersted and the Pink Pub.

Round Bognor on the bypass back to A259. Littlehampton seafront up to Rustington to A259 @ Sainsburys and back to Findon via Durrington, Findon Valley Nepcote Green, Paper shop and home via A27. Cateye says
47.8 miles. Beautiful day quiet back roads,
new tyres pumped up hard and singing on the tarmac. Bon chance Amis. Total 51.2 miles and 886ft.

RT & CB:

Henfield destination selected we set off up Cissbury and over to the Lion trail, having been given the idea of that route on hearing that Mr Kersley intended to take the Flying Brit down that way. Lion trail remarkably dry and therefore a pleasure to ride. Onwards through Steyning and onto the Downslink, where to our surprise we came across Mr Kruger who had managed to make a weekend escape to his new flat. On to Henfield where, to our even greater surprise we came across Mr Topley by the pond where we usually consume our take-away refreshments. Queuing up at Truffles we were even more surprised to witness the arrival of Messrs Kersley, Ban-Sorensen and Avery. Refreshments consumed at the pond green in Henfield with everyone significantly spaced out. Farewells all round and Mr Topley headed north whilst the remainder split up into pairs to head south on the Downslink. At the Shoreham footbridge the groups split further with RT & RK heading along the coast to accompany Roy to Lancing and then RT’s return to Findon, and the other two pairs heading back via Lancing Clump back to Findon.

RT total 29.3 miles and 1,209ft

CB total 25.2 miles and 1,628ft

RK’s ride:

Total 27.3 miles and 540ft

MA, TK & KBS ride:

25.9 miles and 1,669ft

JR’s ride report:

In order to try and not trouble the CC (club cartographer), Mr. Paul Topley FGCC TM, I set out on my ride hell-bent on duplicating exactly my route of last week. The plan was to allow the CC to simply copy and paste last weeks ride or, even better, do nothing and allow the club blog-meister, Mr. Richard Thomas FGCC OWA, to simply add to the blog the words: For JR BNTR ride of 28th February please see JR BNTR ride of 21st inst.
All was going well with this plan (rode to SDW, Chantry Hill, Amberley, MW up to the A29), when temptation set in. Avid readers of last week’s blog by Mr. Thomas will recall reference to an adventure by the club TA, Mr Mark Avery FGCC, where he tore fiercely into the heart of Houghton Forest before turning SE to rejoin the A29 at Fairmile Bottom. Wishing in some way to emulate this manly venture I decided to follow in his tyre tracks. Unfortunately many riders since last week have had the same idea and so exact compliance was hard and the dryer conditions eventually made this almost impossible. I say “almost”: luckily I had studied carefully the excellent map produced last week by the CC and so was able to follow faithfully the route taken from Whiteways, into the forest via the MW, then back to Findon via Arundel and thence to Warningcamp and a faithful adherence to the MW.
There hadn’t been much wind through Houghton Forest since last Saturday and I suspect that my ability to closely follow the route taken by last week’s intrepid pioneers was also helped by the fact that where the TA goes anyone with a well trained nose can easily follow. Certainly the environment was very aromatic. We don’t call him the TA for nothing.
Stats: Oddly, only 27m shown on the clock which must be because my ride was sin-debacle as well as being lower on tarmac.
As you can see it’s a quiet start to the week here at World HQ

And finally PT has summarised the rides as follows:

A total of nine riders were out last Saturday, dispersed across Sussex

The yellow route is ZA’s pre-vax circuit from Midhurst;
Orange is AM’s odyssey to just short of Chichester;
Green is PT’s ride from Horsham to Henfield;
and then it gets complicated.
RK rode the purple route from Lancing to Henfield;
CB and RT took the light blue from Findon to Steyning and continued to Henfield ;
TK, MA and KBS set off later from Findon and took the light blue to Steyning and the purple to Henfield.
From Henfield, PT returned along the green route to Horsham, while all others took the purple route to the wooden bridge at Shoreham.
RK and RT continued on purple to Lancing, then RT continued alone (not shown*) to return along the coast to the Half Brick and Broadwater and the A24 to Findon.
MA, CB then TK and later (after a rendezvous failure) KBS climbed over Lancing clump on the light blue route back to Findon.