2015.11 November

FGCC rides in November 2015

Saturday 7th November 08.00am ride.
In order to have an early start to TB, JR recalled that our esteemed LSV director, Mr Ewart Nightingale, used to say that the distance from the butchers to Cissbury car park is exactly one mile, so it would be a good idea to measure this in order to determine the standard EN mile. This necessitated a start or finish to the ride via Cissbury so we started up that way.
RT zeroed his bike computer and at the top it measured 1.175 miles. We recalled that the VAT rate at the time would have been 17.5% so we concluded that EN, being of an accounting background, would have automatically allowed for that and advised the net distance. Therefore we proposed that the official EN mile for the FGCC should be the common (net) mile plus the current rate of VAT. (Some members might wish to make representations to the chancellor for a reduction from the current 20% as a result).
Thus fortified with a good does of TB, we continued on towards Llama lane, but then forked left down round the back of Findon Park house and then right to Buddington Bottom to enjoy the last of the Autumn colours as well as to give the FD a challenging hill to satisfy his strange desire to climb hills (RT and JR did not see the point of submitting themselves to such effort and walked!).
At the top we headed for Chanctonbury, down the very slippery “north face” to Washington car park on the SDW, across the A24, and round via Windlesham school, where the trailing JR and RT received a complaint from some walkers about the FD’s rampage through the countryside past them! We though about trying to explain that his mission is to put the testosterone back into the Vikings, but realised that would be too complicated and simply explained that he was a foreigner.
Up and along collarbone alley and to part company with the FD above Tolmere. We intended to finish via Church Hill, but a heavy downpour persuaded us to descend directly to the village and another fine brek at Julia’s.
Total 10.7 common miles, 8.92 EN miles.

Saturday 14th November 08.00 am ride.
Post EPM ride so a short one. JR wanted to revisit the subject of the EN mile so the section between the butchers and Cissbury car park was a requirement.
Route up the A24 and right turn up towards Chanctonbury but JR suffered a chain breakage at the bottom. Fortunately TM was present and the problem was soon fixed. Up the long climb to Chanctonbury and over to Langmead at which point rain threatened. Down the gravel track parallel to the Steyning road and past Lychpole Farm, doubling back along the side of Lychpole Hill and round the east side of Cissbury to the car park to start the measured mile. PT’ Satmap and bike computer, RT’s bike computer and RK’s phone. Result 1.26 and 1.24 for PT, 1.22 for RT and RK, so no real conclusion, but for the sake of the previous week’s conclusion we decided to stick to and EN mile being a common mile plus VAT.
Total – can’t remember but must be around 10 common and 8EN!

Saturday 21st November 08.00 am ride.
No one out. RK almost out for a Billy ride but inclement weather made him decide against it.

Saturday 28th November 08.00am ride.
A quick Amberley loop proposed as RT had to get back by 10.30. However slow ride due to ground conditions, but RT returned home for his duties and then joined RK for a brek at Julia’s.
Total 17 miles.