2018-10 October

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling club rides in October 2018
Saturday 6th October 08.00 morning ride
RK, PT, ZA, RT, MA part time
Amberley loop ride. Muntham, SDW, Amberley mount at top of which MA returned due to painful hip, Amberley, North Stoke and return via SDW and Muntham, with a brek all just before the rain set in.
Total 16.7 miles 1,407ft (Strava).

Saturday 13th October 08.00am ride
BNM (Billy-no-mates) ride.
No one else turned up so decided to go and collect medication from Limetree via Stable Lane, No Man’s Land, Langmead, gravel track then back up to Cissbury and along the ridge above Findon Valley. However, having climbed to the top of Stable Lane and the gallops realised that I was still wearing specs and not goggles, which I seemed to have lost, so retraced route back to find them on the wall at Pond Green. A second climb up Stable Lane? No thanks. So went up to Cissbury via the trig point and then along the ridge to descend via Kamikaze mount which was as glacial as ever in spite of recent dry weather (memorial needs a maintenance visit) and to Limetree, then back to Findon.
Total only 6.7 miles and 776 ft.

Saturday 20th October 08.00am ride
The Faffing ride.
After a long discussion a short ride proposed partly due to RT’s leg injury suffered earlier in the week.
Muntham and up to the SDW then down to the tank for a quick inspection. Across the bumpy field and then left up to the top of the gallops and left again down towards Lee Farm. A short distance down this section we halted for some horses to pass only to discover that ZA and a blasteet. We were then treated to a masterclass in faffing by ZA ably assisted by JR in how to fix a blasteet, the whole process taking the best part of 40 minutes, with MA & RT providing the appropriate commentary. Then just as we were setting off it transpired that ZA’s tyre had another slow puncture. Deciding to pump it up and see how far we could go we lasted till just after Lee Farm on the track up towards the SDW, at which point ZA and JR replaced the inner tube whilst MA and RT repaired the holey tube, this time taking around 7 minutes.
Back up to the SDW and return to Findon via the crematorium.
Total 12.5 miles and 1,025 ft climbed

Riding time 1hour 48 minutes. Total time for the ride 3 hours 15 minutes!

Saturday 27th October 08.00am ride
Shoreham loop – Cissbury, straight over Steyning road and to Coombes Farm, Downslink to Shoreham airport, seafront to Worthing, Grand Avenue, West Worthing and the gallops back to Findon.
Total 19.9 miles 895 ft.