2016-08 August

FGCC rides in August 2016

Saturday 6th August 08.00am ride
Ride to Arundel
Muntham, up to SDW, Kithurst Hill, Burpham and on to a brek in Arundel. Return via Poling (with a challenge from the farmer), Agmering, Salvington and Findon gallops.
Total 18 miles

Saturday 13th August 08.00am ride.
Up to Muntham and to Chantry Lane car park, down Chantry Lane then left in search of the “goat trail”, but not found so on to Kithurst Hill, down towards Burpham down the long straight, then a left turn to somehow end up back on the SDW and home – further details awaited from MA.

Saturday 20th August 08.00am ride
Up past Muntham to the SDW, past Kithurst Hill and down towards Burpham, but turning left past the field below the tank and up to Lee Farm, then Monarch’s Way back to Findon.
Total ?

Saturday 27th August 08.00am ride
MA, RT, RK and Max
Shoreham loop. Cissbury car park where we were informed that the track to Chanctonbury was closed so we had to go in that direction – it wasn’t.
SDW to Downslink during which RT’s rear tyre became a bit deflated. Considered a slow so pumped it up, but repeat problem along the Downslink so repair effected.
Over new footbridge at Shoreham and along the sea front with wind behind us for once. Grand Avenue, W Worthing, Salvington and the gallops back to Findon.
Total 21 miles?