2018-05 May

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in May 2018

Saturday 12th May 08.00am ride
Tank & Bluebell ride. An uneventful ride with fine weather, just in time to see the last of the bluebells

Tank& bluebell ride

17.6 miles 1,354 ft climbed

Saturday 19th May 08.00am ride
PT writes: “RK, MA and PT today gathered at Pond green, MA having driven over to inform us that he had neglected to bring shoes so would not be riding. Such attention to detail in delivering an apology for absence in person is a testament to the maintenance of standards so prized by the FGCC.
Bidding him good day, Roy and Paul completed the four peaks clockwise, starting with Church Hill.
Completing the circuit without incident, save for PT having to push the new bike up the really steep bit between the A24 and Chanctonbury, the dynamic duo repaired to Julias, where traditional breks were taken.”

Four peaks ride

10.4 miles, and 1272 feet climbed according to Satmap
10.6 miles 1.107ft climbed (Strava)

TAMITS: Mark Avery – well what can we say.

Saturday 26th May 08.00am ride
Amberley loop. A fast but uneventful ride, with a finish at Julia’s as is the norm.

Amberley loop

16.4 miles 1,392ft climbed