01. January 2023

FGCC rides in January 2023

Saturday 7th January 08.00 am ride post APM

PT, RK, CB, AM, RT meeting  ZA and JR at Findon Garden Centre.

A total of 6 riders managed to assemble at OPG in spite of forecast of heavy rain and strong winds following the APM. Notably absent was TK who had thrown down the gauntlet in the VH after the APM as to whether any gentlemen would be out. PT on analogue bike and ZA on road bike as their respective usual steeds were hors de combat and being repaired.

A short ride chosen due to the combination of the effects of the night before as well as the extremely wet, windy and muddy conditions. Up to Cissbury and north towards top of Stable lane with RT trying to avoid the ruts by riding above them but discovering that, when one has a little lie down, the only place to land is in the waterlogged ruts, resulting in a soft landing and covering in extensive Budd lubricant.

Up to Chanctonbury with crossing the open section hard going with the very strong cross-wind and then to the split in the track either to Washington or North End farm. At this point PT decided to take the North Farm route and back to Findon whilst the remaining peloton proceeded down the slippery track to Washington car park, then across the A24 and round the back of Windlesham along an extremely muddy path with brambles and roots adding to the challenge. At one point along this path which make for tricky riding on MTB’s, much to our astonishment we came across a family pushing a pram. Also Mr Mead had an argument with a bramble with the latter initially winning.

Rest of the ride along Collarbone alley, across the A290 and down Church Hill to the Garden Centre. JR appeared a little later, having forgotten the time that we had agreed to meet.

Total 10.1 miles and 1,012ft for the peloton and 6.3 miles and 620ft for PT

ZA reports on his ride: Road ride from OPG (CUBE Sting in recovery and awaiting collection from The Bike Side, Partridge Green). Cross Lane, A24, Bost Hill, Durrington Hill, The Boulevard, Shaftesbury Avenue, Goring Rd, Alinora Avenue, Marine Crescent, Worthing Seafront, Ham Rd, Dominion Rd, Broadwater – brief stop at Southdown Bikes; Offington Avenue – stop to chat with Jake – Offington Dr, A24/Findon Rd, Lime Tree & May Tree Aves, A24 to join other Gentlemen for Brek at the Garden Centre before returning to Base via High St etc. Estimated distance – c.12-13 mls


Saturday 14th January 08.00am ride

CB, AM, MA meeting PT & JR at Truffles in Steyning. ZA on road bike later in the day

PT reports Being hors de combat for want of a suitable mount, I was able to take part in the festivities in an LSV capacity.  While the peleton made a circuit round the Downslink to Steyning, I collected a somewhat moist JR from Langmead and took him to Truffles to join the brek.

The peleton returned home up the bostal and over the SDW, while I and JR motored to Findon and thence I headed to Horsham. Exploits and tamits to be fleshed out by the riders.

Total 17.3 miles and 796ft climbed

ZA reports on his road ride (Non-qualifying, having set off p.m., rather than avec Le Peloton, a.m. primarily to avoid another soaking 🌨)
Encountered M &Mme Kersley en route out of Findon taking their afternoon constitutional .. Riding road bike, A24, May Tree & Lime Tree Aves, Offington Drive, Offington Ave, Upper Brighton Rd/A27 past Lyons Fm; L up Titch Hill passing St Mary’s, Sompting, Bostal Rd, Bramber Rd/ High St/ Horsham Rd (Steyning). A 283, Washington Village, A24 back to Findon. C16 mls (c.2hrs)

Saturday 21st January 08.00am ride

JR, PT & RT with AM on road.

Team Chaplain present at OPG but accompanied by 4 legs rather than 2 wheels with duties for the day preventing him from joining the peloton.

AM wanted to go east and as PT needed to be back relatively early route chosen was straight  over to Teddies via Lancing clump. Cissbury, Lancing clump and to the footbridge where it was observed that the new screw pumps were in action (for the first time?) reflecting the massive rainfall recently and naturally calling for a diversion into the airport estate to see them in action more closely. In fact only one pump operating but the water in the drainage channel from the new housing estate was impressive. Back over the bridge to find Mr Mead already close to finishing his first coffee at Teddies.

Return journey along the sea front for the peloton to West Worthing and to Tarring Bakery for a bit of breakfast research and then to the Gallops and Bost hill to then use the new cycle motorway to Findon. AM headed off to the Fort and then whatever distance back along the seafront would enable him to achieve his mileage target.

Total 19.7 miles and 881ft

Saturday 28th January 0.00am ride

PT, CB, MA, TK, TB with ZA & AM on road.

A drier and slightly warmer day than recently saw a large peloton, including the appearance of fair weather TK for the first time for a couple of months.

ZA and AM on road bikes, so The Moat House cafe in Arundel set as destination so all could meet up for a brek. Main peloton headed off up to Muntham, a first time on this route for Tommy but with him receiving a telling off from a passing local for cycling there. Up to the SDW, over to Kithurst hill and the drop to Burpham and then on to Arundel.

The peloton arrived at the Moat House to find that the road riders had reserved two tables as planned.

Return journey via APE, Dover Lane, Angmering, Highdown and to  Tesco where TB stopped to buy refreshments. We continued on to Salvington, where the tail end of the peloton coincidentally arrived at the same time as the roadies. TK then joined them to return home via Findon Valley. The reduced peloton headed up Mill Lane and on to the top of Church Hill and down to the village.

Total 26.4 miles & 1,897 ft.