2011.04 April

Saturday 2 April 2011
MR and others did the four peaks. It is hoped that one of them will write about it soon (and the return leg from Mrs Deeks’), so PT can complete the log for the Bulldog Bling 2011.

The Flying Dane: I can help: first peak 1, then peak 2, peak 3 and then last peak 4. I just wonder how you managed to get our newcomer Adam over four climbs in a row ? 🙂

We are indebted to the FD for this insight into the continental “sense of humour”.

RT writes for the record:
JR, AC, ZA, MR & RT on the ride.
All on limited time, though some desiring a brek afterwards, it was decided that a four peaks ride would suit. In the absence of the FD and in the interests of the newcomer the route selected was Cissbury, Chanctonbury, High Barn and Church Hill.
ZA had taken number one son’s Kona for its first outing for many weeks, but the drop to Washington resulted in front brake seizure. A poor attempt at releasing the brake was made by RT, which just enabled ZA to continue though having to try to not using it.
At the top of Church Hill ZA and MR decided to return direct to Findon, whilst the brekkers chose to go for a visit to the JR ancestral home as it was still to early for brek at the VH. Route to the Linga Longa was down to the end of Mill Lane and back along the gallops before descent into Findon Valley, the brek and returns home.
no’r alotta miles.
Double points for ZA for the extra effort on this ride? On the other hand, although he will go to great lengths these days to ensure he has a front wheel, welding it on is perhaps going a bit far!

Tracing the route on the map, it comes to 13.3 miles, with 1145 feet climbed.

Saturday 9 April 2011
Today was ‘not the Monarchs Way ride’, for a variety of reasons it was postponed and happily for JR, and others it will now be in July (subject of course to full discussion at an EPM) and may be attended by all. It was in fact a rescheduled KBS brek day and RT, MA, KBS, AC and GD set off at 7.40am from Pond Green car park in Findon. Outside his house, on School Hill, just mounting his machine we spied T.V. ZA and after greetings and a second, ‘Gentlemen shall we? I think so, right then’, we were off cycling a usual route out of the village past the now sadly redundant fire station, up to Muntham Farm and then onwards and outwards to the Dutch Barn and the SDW. It was a perfect spring morning and from the top of the downs with blue skies and a warm south easterly breeze we enjoyed wonderfully clear views of the south coast as far as the IOW to the west and Seven Sisters to the east.

We regrouped at Kithurst Hill car park and there rendezvoused with MR and his two chums Peter and John. The nine of us then continued on the SDW to the little wood at the top of Springhead hill, just west of the car park, where we branched off left in the direction of Arundel. Taking the first bridleway on the left we ‘voom, voom, voomed’ at breakneck speed south towards the outskirts of Lee Farm. KBS led the peleton up to the trig point on Barpham hill above Angmering Woods, not pausing for views or breath we sped down past the new lambs and sheep in the meadow into the woods where we were treated to probably the best route of the year. The going was firm and we wound our way through the damp and musty pine woods at good speed. GD and MA decided to have ‘a little lie down’ en route, GD’s back wheel hit a stump at speed that sent him flying over his handlebars onto his back on the forest floor. The helmet was essential as it saved him as his head came crashing down. Team Doc. MR was on hand just in case and later spoke of how he saw every detail in slow motion, luckily just a slight graze was the final result. MA hit a rut that sent him flying in an opposite direction from his machine; shaken, but not stirred both members picked themselves up and carried on. There was a painful realisation that perhaps we were not 18 years old anymore and should act accordingly, but this nonsense was quickly dismissed as the motto of FGCC, ‘They shall not grow up’ immediately sprang to mind and we were off again!

Heading out of Angmering Woods we bade farewell to Peter and John who headed off south back towards Clapham and High Salvington. The remaining peleton made our way on the Monarch’s Way to the house of KBS where his lovely family had prepared what can only be descried as a fantastic brek for us. Many thanks for the magnificent effort; it was greatly appreciated, particularly as it was at such short notice. The icing on the cake was the handmade apple ‘yum yum’ Danish pastry!
Not too sure of mileage or climb but a rough estimate is 13 miles and 1800 ft of climb. (Tracing the route on the satmap gave 13.3 miles, but only 1167 feet climbed. Sorry, Gentlemen of the peleton!)

Saturday 16 April 2011
In which Adam loses one of his nuts . . .
The peleton assembled in the Square comprised RT, FL, AC, CB, PT and MR (lucky to have qualified assistance at such an event!).
GD had indicated a deep need to sign up for golf, and reported at the WGC to make his mark at 07:10. Ever aware of the exigencies of Gentlemen’s lives, a plan to sojourn in Shoreham was adopted, in order to facilitate a confluence of itineraries between the peleton and Mr Derrick. A felicitious geographical juxtaposition thus ensued on the north-east slope of Cissbury where, stopping to retrieve the remains of CB’s rear light, PT and RT were joined from behind, as it were, by our club-wielding colleague on his descent from the summit, yodelling to attract the attention of the peleton having proved a poor substitute for the portable wireless devices so often relied on in such circumstances.
Regrouping at the Steyning Road, we proceded beneath the power lines toward Lancing clump. Already exhibiting a deplorable slackness in the bottom bracket, AC’s steed emitted rubbing noises of tyre on metal, causing pause for inspection.
Eventually the cause was discovered – a rear wheel nut had gone AWOL. Intervention with zip-ties avoided a catastrophic loss of wheel, until spares were obtained later.
GD and FL turned back under time pressure, FL taking the good wishes of all for the start of his new job on Monday, and under jury rig the peleton continued to Lancing College and Shoreham for a refreshing brek at Truffles.
The return was along the sea front to East Worthing, where PT and AC continued west as MR RT and CB headed north to return to Findon.
After a stop at the Bike Store to obtain a shiny fresh pair of nuts, an invigorated AC set off for home while PT continued along the coast to visit his dear, white-haired mother before taking a road route to Findon to retrieve LSV2.
PT did 19.1 miles, with 1824 feet climbed.

Saturday 24 April 2011

A select Peleton of RT, MR, PT and PT (Philip) set off up to Kithurst via Muntham and the SDW, then struck south to Angmering woods via the trig point at Barpham Hill.
The bluebells were out . . .
Bluebells at Angmering
Emerging from the woods to the west, we passed through Patching by road then climbed up through Clapham and the woods to descend Church Hill into Findon. MR headed on home from Church hill, but the remainder of the peleton enjoyed a full english at the VH.
Perfect weather and riding conditions, with no mud. RT was plagued by sticky stuff of a different nature, and waxed eloquent and long on the topic of dog ownership and its responsibilities.
15.8 glorious miles, and 1909 feet climbed.
[Stats note – this ride brings the total climbed for all Saturday rides to 29017 feet, or just over 1 Everest. However, the highest climber this year so far is RT with an impressive 26528 feet under his wheels.]

Friday 29th April – The Not the Royal Wedding Day ride brek at the tank.
A major turn-out having been the subject of the Easter sunday EPM and subsequent emails with JR as PM, and those present including AM, PT, ZA, JR, DS (+1), MA (+2), KBS, FL, AC, NW (+1) & RT.
Nigel kindly opted to act as LSV to take everything to the Kithurst car park, and was requested to acquire a couple of bottles of bubbly for the event on the way. His arrival was delayed by the jobsworths in the shop who wouldn’t sell alcohol to him at 7.56, making him wait.
DS + Johnny headed the peleton and we all made our way towards the tank via the usual route and the SDW. Those at the front were greeted by the emerging vision of a rider (Nigel) on a bike with train of trailer adorned with St George flags plus water barrel towed behind. The trailer was piled high with most of the provisions for the brek – truly marvellous.
Nigel’s Roadtrain
A great brek with DS as master meat chef, PT as chief coffee and tea maker, plus scrambled egg, and others chipping in to help. Toasts to the FGCC and the Royal couple.
Not a long ride – some 10 miles in all.

Saturday 30th April.
RT solo ride – where were the others that had said they would be out?
Route to Cissbury car park and straight on towards the Steyning bowl road, left up the rough road to Langmead, over to Chanctonbury down towards the A24, but doubling back towards Findon Park House and finishing off down Stable Lane.
Only event was that in thinking about the Wales trip RT was wondering how DS managed to make his bike jump around so much, and, realising that SPD clips are a great help, jumped (probably only a couple of mm in truth) on the way down from Chanctonbury, only to have the rear tyre instantly suffer a “blast-eet”! Won’t try that again.
Again around 10 miles.