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EPM – 2015 long ride

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

A meeting at the Village House called to discuss and hopefully agree where to go for the 2015 long ride.
But firstly we had the pleasure to drink to Team Vicar’s newly arrived first grandchild and consider the prospect of three generations of FGCC members cycling to a T&B at the tank in a few years time – by then the elders will probably be cycling at the same rate as the under-10’s.
Returning to the subject for the evening options considered were the northern C2C again, the Dales, the trans Pennine route the Peak District and the Devon C2C.
However there was really only one subject and a Peak District ride was agreed for the dates shown on the draft calendar.
RT to PM numbers and the accommodation, PT and ZA to determine routes.

Not-Gala-Night 2014

Monday, March 10th, 2014

In an earlier summons, members of the Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club had been invited to “foregather and assemble in order to partake of exotic victuals and libations, and to celebrate and commemorate such feats, alarums and excursions as have befallen, overtaken or blessed the assembled host on Friday the Seventh of March proximate, at 8pm sharp…” at the Not Gala Night held in the Gurkha Tandoori, Worthing.
Having gathered, all dressed in formal dress and ablaze with medals, though with Mr Roche in his Nepalese suit respecting our location, an attempt was made to establish telephonic communications with fellow member Mr Budd, currently residing in New Zealand. After Messrs Thomas and Thriscutt had failed, the youth wing was called upon to make the link. The wonders of technology enabled us to all see and talk to Mr Budd, presenting him with an alternative to Breakast TV – great to talk to you Chris.
In line with tradition Mr Roche started the proceedings with a relatively short presentation of a medal, being overtaken for once by Mr Thriscutt for time taken. As ever a great evening, and our thanks go to the Gurkha Tandoori for fine victuals and excellent service.

Not gala night 2014

Not gala night 2014

In a sad reflection of our reduced capacities, though it was as enjoyable and evening as ever:-


APM 2014 24th January 2014

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Plan was to meet at the VH at 8.00pm, and although initial pints were acquired there was no seating available so the meeting transferred to the Gun.
Both ZA and KBS rode to the meeting, particularly impressive being ZA riding all the way from Rustington in spite of the pouring rain.
After a slow start, the meeting swung into action at the realisation that we needed to press on with business if we were to complete in time for a curry.
Decision taken that for the Devon C2C we could not pass up the opportunity of staying in a yurt at Yarde Orchard.
PT announced the results of the Bling award challenge, with total heights climbed ranging from 0.1 Everests to 0.7 Everests and total numbers of rides up to around 40 in total. Whilst RT had been out the most number of Saturdays, it was agreed by all that the Bling award for effort in getting out for rides should go to PT for having not only been out for the second most number of rides but each time has to travel the not inconsiderable distance from Mayfield before and afterwards. Unfortunately RT had forgotten to bring the award to hand over, so this was left to be done the following day:

Man of destiny look as Paul accepts the 2013 bling award

Man of destiny look as Paul accepts the 2013 bling award

JR announced that the Commodore would like to hold a commemorative sailing weekend sometime – all agreed that would be most agreeable.
Calendar completed and was updated in the usual manner by the morning.