2015 APM

The 2015 Annual Planning Meeting was held at Nepcroft at the start of New Year’s Eve celebrations. Apologies received from PT, we were still quorate with Messrs Mead, Allen, Roche, Kruger and Thomas present, assisted by a polypin of Dark Star bitter sourced by Mr Roche. A video conference with Mr Budd in Italy established that he will be mostly absent from FGCC events for yet another year, though we look forward to seeing him at the EPM in January and he has committed to a Budd’s “bacons” trek ‘n brek to Pulborough the following day.
Changes to the draft calendar were as follows:
Not Gala Night brought forward to February 20th for reasons I cannot remember – Dark Star must have already started to take effect.
Downslink brought forward one week as our regular PM for this event, Mr Roche (John to Mrs Deekes) sells tea on 4th week of every month.
Monarch’s Way ride pushed back one week as 4th April is Easter weekend.
Independence Day selected for the Mayfield Ride – PT having offered any weekend that month.
In a change to tradition (sharp intake of breath) the new boy RK suggested that the Go West ride take place on a Saturday and Sunday in order to enable RT to participate, and it was assumed that having organised the event so well in 2014 TK could be PM (word had it that he had agreed previously). The new boy was sternly advised by Mr Roche that one change to tradition was enough for the evening – “young upstart!”
AM, RT, and ZA offered dates for trek ‘n breaks to add to CB’s and JR proposed a brek or curry night at 8 Tudor Close. Finally a couple of special birthdays for the ladies have been added to the calendar, which has been published on the website in the usual location.
Finally there was a short debate as to when we should hold centenary anniversary rides in celebration of Agincourt, the Magna Carta and/or Waterloo but with no conclusion,the meeting having been conducted more swiftly than usual following a 10 minute warning given by Mrs T half way through the proceedings.
After a fine dinner provided by Mrs T and welcoming in the New Year, those present proceeded to the place where the late David Richards fell following a gala night at Nepcroft. Mr Roche proceeded to re-enact the event, complete with glass bowl, though maybe not of the same fine Waterford crystal standard as Mr Richards lost that night. As is the custom a memorial was created if somewhat belatedly (some debate as to whether the original event was ’98 or ’99) following which the FGCC elegy was recited. As we started to return to Nepcroft RT unintentionally re-enacted the DR event by falling off the back onto the road, though ensuring that the paints and brushes were not damaged whilst claiming that he had not been able to see properly when probably the Dark Star had more than a little to do with the fall. An entertaining end to the evening.