Annual planning meeting

And the FGCC 2015 Bulldog Bling award goes to ….

Mr Roy Kruger.

In a glitzy award ceremony in the Village House Hotel, Findon, surrounded by throngs of celebrities and hoards of paparazzi the 2015 bling award for the most rides in 2015 was presented to Mr Kruger by Mr Thomas, previous holder of this prestigious award. Just prior to this Mr Topley, Head Statistician for the FGCC, read out the attendance figures and total heights climbed for each member, starting with Mr G Derrick with zero on both counts due to his predilection for golf and no doubt the 19th hole.

As well as attending a staggering 34 rides, Mr Kruger had ascended a commendable 1.2749 Everests – the FGCC official measure of total heights climbed – and ridden a total of 776 miles (or 646.67 EN miles, the other official FGCC measure in honour of Mr Ewart Nightingale) on Saturday rides (plus the Peaks ride).

The 2015 FGCC Bulldog Bling award
The 2015 FGCC Bulldog Bling award
Mr R Kruger - winner of the FGCC 2016 Bulldog Bling award
Mr R Kruger – winner of the FGCC 2016 Bulldog Bling award

The evening continued with planning of rides for the year and the outcome has since been presented in the revised calendar on the FGCC website, and needless to say that the world was put to rights in the process! Thanks to everyone for their contribution to determining the calendar for the year and the anticipation of many entertaining rides for 2016.
A happy new year to one and all.