APM 2013 at The Village House

Change of venue from the former vicarage to the VH in order to spare Angus’s blushes at having to order drinks from his former employer.
Discussion with proprietor of the VH resulted in agreement to this becoming the new HQ for the FGCC, and a later vote confirmed agreement.
Apologies for absence from Messrs Topley, Roche and Derrick just about accepted bearing in mind that the event had been on the calendar for a year.
In attendance were ZA, CB, MA, AC, MT, RT and newcomer Tim Kersley.
Our 20th anniversary ride had already been settled prior to the meeting along with the not-Turvey-House ride. It was decided that the Downslink/NW Passage ride should be one week earlier so that ZA could participate, and in order to ensure that he would participate he was press-ganged into being PM for the ride.
Other rides settled and newby MT agreed to host a 20th anniversary lunch for members and spouses.
MT proposed a SDW ride, but nothing settled. To be debated over further pints?
New calendar reviewed and continued with a debate on the voting rights of non-riders on matters FGCC, prompted by MT. CB desperate for a curry, the meeting concluded.