EPM Friday 3rd June

CN, PT, JR, MA, ZA, RT gathered for an EPM called by CB to discussed the re-scheduling of the trek ‘n brek to the tank as it was clearly not going to take place the following morning. Other subjects on the agenda included Monarch’s Way ride, IOW ride.

Initial discussion on the fact that the Harveys Sussex in the Snooty Fox is far superior to the Black Sheep we had experienced on the Dales ride.

KBS had suggested that the Monarch’s Way ride be re-scheduled for Sat 11th June. Approval given for this ride and after a number of options to ensure a longer time between breakfast and lunch, it was agreed that we should assemble at Worthing central station cafe for breakfast at approx 07.45am. Findon riders could gather at the usual location at 07.15am and PT will seek appropriately timed train from HH. JR will research group booking for reduced fares.

Unfortunately RT has failed to find available B&B’s and anyway there appeared to be limited numbers to join the IOW ride and so it has been officially cancelled.

Tank T&B has been re-scheduled to Sat 17th Sept and so the EPM planned for 19th August will also cover this subject.

JR proposed that we complete the Monarch’s Way ride in the easterly direction and it was agreed that this will take place on Sat 20th August to be another all-day ride. Details also to be a subject for the APM on 19th Aug.

Official business having been concluded a number retired to the VH to quaff a further couple of pints.