FGCC Gentleman, Roy Kruger, and work colleagues on Hindhead to Land’s End charity ride.

Updates from Roy as he progresses – assuming he has enough energy.

Day three and final 100 miles – Day started off with us all going the wrong direction, but after doubling back and climbing the ex’s of all ex’s we managed to make up a bit of time. Hard first third, fairly flat second third and then very tough climb over and into Penzance when the heavens opened and the wind virtually blew us back where we came from. Once in Penzance heading to Lands End the wind shifted to behind us so the last 8 miles was easier. The race to the finish began at 6 miles before the end and yours truly pipped the finish line.

All together an amazing experience, good group of people and well worth the challenge.

Day two – Incredibly tough ride today, Yeovil to Launceston stopping in Exeter for lunch. Legs were numb by the end so not sure what tomorrow is going to be like. 205 miles completed, 98 to go, Lands End here we come.

Day one – set off late from Hindhead and had very slow people to start with, however they soon gave up and we were able to go at a reasonable pace. Weather was brilliant and ride was very scenic. Got to our destination at 7:30 after 110 miles but then had to go find someone who was lost. Feeling like I’ve had a ride but not as bad as i was expecting. Tomorrow is the big one. If I’m still able I will update tomorrow.

The ride event details.
Three Middle Aged Men In Lyrca (MAMILs) from the IT Department at Vinci Construction will embark on a gruelling jaunt of cycling 300mlies from Hindhead in Surrey to Lands End in 3 days, via the 1360 Medieval Route starting on Friday the 11th September.

If you know Roy and Matt (The youngest and best looking one – his words))… you’ll know that this is a HUGE personal challenge, whereas the third member of the group, Graham, cycles to work daily, and is probably more used to modelling Lycra! J

Colleague, Julie, is accompanying them (in a van) as Team Support (driver/refreshments/spare parts & first aid kit), she deserves your sympathy too! (Can you imagine the whinging about chafing, she’ll have to listen to?)

The three are taking on this great challenge to help raise funds for the COINS foundation, which is a not for profit organisation of the COINS group. The aim is to use the power of business to create a better and more sustainable future, for Nepal and Community Projects in both the UK and overseas. Please use the link to see more of the great work carried out by the COINS Foundation: http://coinsfoundation.org/

The VINCI IT Department MAMILS, would really appreciate your sponsorship, which is best done by clicking this link to the Just Giving page, so that you can donate the additional Gift Aid too. Any contribution will be most greatly received:


Day 1 Morning
The group will be meeting the other riders at the Cookie Bar, Hindhead in readiness for an early start:-

Click on this link to see the route.

Day 1 Afternoon.
Click on this link for the afternoon route.

Day 2 Morning
Click on this link to see the morning route for day 2.

Day 2 Afternoon
Click on the link for the afternoon route for day 2.

Day 3 Morning
Click on this link to see the morning route for day 3.

Day 3 Afternoon
Click on this link for the afternoon route for day 3 to journey’s end.