FGCC Not-gala-night 2022

Nine gentlemen of the FGCC dressed in formal club attire along with full regalia attended a fine banquet at the Tajdar in Findon on January 22nd 2022 to commemorate achievements of members of the club in the past year. Sadly we were without two members, Messrs Avery and Roche, who were confined to barracks for the evening. With glasses fully charged with either Bangla or Cobra beer toasts were made to these and other absent friends.

The first item on the agenda was the presentation of the much desired 2021 Bulldog Bling Award which was won by our Team Chaplain and Team Historian, Zach to be seen below with man of destiny look and proudly holding the medal.

The full stats are below showing that the Team Chaplain had completed the most official FGCC rides during the year with 58 rides and having ridden a total of  1,260 miles and climbed 2.75 Everests.

Mr Avery climbed the most – 2.91 Everests – due to his regular travel to the beginning of Findon rides from Angmering on his e-bike. The greatest distance was covered by Mr Mead with a total of 1,268 miles on official rides but along with other rides had ridden 5,100 miles in the year.

The second presentation was a Septuagenarian badge to newcomer Ian, the first of current active riding members to achieve this status – congratulations to Ian.

Then followed a splendid feast and naturally silence descended whilst justice was given to this fine fare.

Once all were fully sated and with glasses again fully charged the subject turned to the 2020 awards for achievements during FGCC events. These ranged from¬†‘ The Greta Thunberg eco warrior medal’ to one member ‘… in recognition of reduced fossil fuel use age and reduction of emissions both vehicular and corporeal’ to ‘The darn it again medal’ to another member ‘…in recognition of his managing to lose his phone twice in quick succession on a ride’ , and so on.



A splendid event enjoyed by all.