Not Gala Night 2015

Eight gentlemen of the FGCC met at the Gurkha Tandoori on Friday 20th February for our annual celebration of all that the Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club represents, to present awards for great achievements in the previous year, and to enjoy the Gurkha fare – as one gentlemen (PT) later commented “Not Gala Night was, as ever, such a great success on the libatory front that utter cobblers was talked for a considerable time.”
All were dressed formally as is required for such a great occasion, though with Mr Roche dressed in local style in support of the people of Nepal as well as his people in Tana Rata.

NGN 2015 - toasts to absent friends
NGN 2015 – toasts to absent friends

After ensuring all glasses were refreshed – with Gurkha or Cobra beer naturally – toasts to absent friends took place, becoming increasingly surprising at the overall numbers (around 20?)as various members and former members were recalled. The multiple toasts might have caused an increase in the creative discourse, at one point leading to the subject of the Good Book with a quotation and debate as to which version, with one member (clearly afflicted by Gurkha) mistakenly trying to refer to the KJV by stating the “St James Version”, but his slurring pronunciation sounding more like “the Sid James Version”, this immediately becoming a source of great entertainment.
Such was the nature of “utter cobblers” discussed during a highly entertaining evening, which became even more so as medals for achievement and toasts were made individually to members present.
A great evening with the damage being evident at the end – not quite such a sad reflection on our ages in comparison to 2014.
The damage
The damage

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