The FGCC annual NGN (Not) Gala Night dinner

The Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club annual dinner – the Not Gala Night dinner

At 08.00pm on Friday 3rd February 2023 gentlemen of the FGCC gathered for an evening of “exotic victuals and libations, and to celebrate and commemorate such feats, exploits, alarums and excursions as have befallen, overtaken or blessed…” as stated in the summons¬†which gentlemen had received earlier.

With glasses fully charged with either Indian beer or Indian wine (aka water) the presentations got underway whilst the feast was being prepared. Mr Roche kindly started with the first award presentation, and in the process took it upon himself as the avuncular founder member to give advice to newcomer, Tommy, to take notes on how to make a medal presentation with at least 5 major points. At the end of the evening the notes consisted of the following:

  1. Talk b*ll*cks.
  2. Mention FGCC at every opportunity to extend the duration of the speech
  3. More b*ll*cks
  4. Brevity ?
  5. 40 minutes. No 45 minutes
  6. Utter b*ll*cks
  7. Complete b*ll*cks
  8. Danish b*ll*cks
  9. Insect b*ll*cks
  10. Iffy b*ll*cks

Presentations paused when victuals arrived and continued once all had fed. A sumptuous feast enjoyed by all and thanks go to the staff at the Tajdar for hosting yet another excellent and hilarious entertaining evening.The medal list is updated in the following days with members requested to advise details of both the award presented and that received in case there had been any failure in either understanding or remembering (surely not at our age) the detail.

Feast at the Tajdar for the FGCC