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The blog pages report on all the rides for each month, with separate pages for each of the major event rides.
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5 Responses to “The FGCC blog”

  1. Avery says:

    Welcome gentlemen from windy East Worthing on this Sunday afternoon.

    I still wish I was out there on my bike though. A cracking Nick Way memorial ride over the last two days. Thanks in particular to Paul for the organisation and Ewart for yet another magnificant luggage label.

    Roll on the next ride…

  2. Thomas says:

    Agreed, many thanks to Paul and Ewart. An entertaining ride home with the continentals distracted by female road cyclists!

  3. Bangsorensen says:

    Also a big thank you from me. Ewart’s fine and detailed luggage label has been admired in the Flying Danes household by all members. However, I have yet to tell my dear wife of my success in cathing up with the two female riders…..

    See you all next Saturday.

  4. Bangsorensen says:

    What happened with my comment. Can’t see it. Have I been cencored once again ? 🙂

  5. rthomas says:

    Don’t worry Kim, you haven’t beeen censored – yet. Its just that the settings are such that I have to approve each comment. I have everyone down as authors. I will change everyone to being editors and hope that this means that you can enter your comment or posting without my having to approve it.

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