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Saturday 30th November – preparation of the FGCC contribution to the Findon Christmas tree festival

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

A hard morning’s work for Messrs Roche, Topley, Thriscutt, Penhallow and Thomas saw the creation of a marvellous work of art in the form of the FGCC entry to the Findon Christmas tree festival. The picture says it all, but to see the real thing please come to St John the Baptist Church, Findon between 11.00am & 4.00pm on either Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th December 2013:

FGCC 2013 entry to the Findon christmas tree festival

FGCC 2013 entry to the Findon christmas tree festival

EPM Friday 15th November – 9.00pm at the VH

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

An EPM is to be held on Friday 15th November to decide on date for the 2014 C2C ride as well as to discuss the FGCC contribution to the Christmas Tree appeal

Please come prepared with dates for which you can obtain a pass for the C2C, and ideas for decorating the FGCC tree.

EPM Friday 18th October

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Proposals put forward for the 2014 ride as follows:

Dates suggested were for the beginning of April, the problem being that Easter is at the end of April and the spring bank holiday is shortly afterwards, and being holiday time would not be a good time for a ride. Also Mr Budd will be going Italiano after Easter.

So proposal is for drive to Ilfracombe on the Thursday, staying at Sheffield Geoff’s. Cycle to the Yuart location north of Petrockstowe, then Lydford (but not With John’s fiancĂ©e), then down to Ugborough to ensure we can dine at the Ship, returning home on the Monday.

Comments please from members

Thriscutts represent the FGCC in Cambodia

Friday, August 30th, 2013

greetings from Cambodia!

Samuel and I went on a bike ride around Phnom Penh today and I attach a photo to prove it, which we thought might well go well on the FGCC website, as we only went on the ride here to promote and represent the interests and profile of the FGCC!

It was a good ride and very easy (it is very flat here) despite the heat and humidity.

Hope to see you and the other FGCC members very soon…

Mark and Sam in Phnom Penh

Mark and Sam in Phnom Penh

EPM Friday 4th May 9.00pm at the Village House

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Meeting held to plan the Tank Trek ‘n Brek. CB organising his last event before departing for Italy. Agreed that it would be best for CB to allocate tasks in an email. Cars offered for the purposes of transporting materials to the tank, so a short meeting, enabling the gathering to revert to the FGCC speciality of talking b……..s, and a most enjoyable evening as a result.

2013 Not Gala Night

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Another splendid event held at the Gurkha Tandoori with gentlemen of the FGCC all in formal dress with full regalia, the exception being Mr Roche who had gone colonial.


Mr Roche was given the task of setting off the proceedings and commenced with an avuncular presentation of a medal to one of the three Not Gala Night virgins there present, leading to debate about how a verb “avuncular” might run, with heckling and other disruptions resulting in three re-starts.

(Can any members remember more detail to add to this post?..)


APM 2013 at The Village House

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

Change of venue from the former vicarage to the VH in order to spare Angus’s blushes at having to order drinks from his former employer.
Discussion with proprietor of the VH resulted in agreement to this becoming the new HQ for the FGCC, and a later vote confirmed agreement.
Apologies for absence from Messrs Topley, Roche and Derrick just about accepted bearing in mind that the event had been on the calendar for a year.
In attendance were ZA, CB, MA, AC, MT, RT and newcomer Tim Kersley.
Our 20th anniversary ride had already been settled prior to the meeting along with the not-Turvey-House ride. It was decided that the Downslink/NW Passage ride should be one week earlier so that ZA could participate, and in order to ensure that he would participate he was press-ganged into being PM for the ride.
Other rides settled and newby MT agreed to host a 20th anniversary lunch for members and spouses.
MT proposed a SDW ride, but nothing settled. To be debated over further pints?
New calendar reviewed and continued with a debate on the voting rights of non-riders on matters FGCC, prompted by MT. CB desperate for a curry, the meeting concluded.