2018 Not-gala night

10 members of the Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling club assembled at the Gurkha Tandoori, Thomas a Beckett, suitably dressed in black tie and cycling shorts, with the exception of Mr Roche resplendent in his Daura Suruwal-style outfit. Following a toast to absent friends and the FGCC, gentlemen welcomed our newest member SR, aka “electric Sid”, and it transpired that the first medal of the evening was presented to him for his introduction of electromotive force to the club. The remaining 9 medals were presented during the course of the evening with much entertainment and merriment to the enjoyment of all, the final entertainment being observing Mr Roche trying to re-thread the cord to his hareem trousers – difficult at the best of times but after 8 or so Cobras definitely a challenge.

A toast to the FGCC and absent friends

And the damage….

The damage