BDN ride – and then there were 6.

A peleton of four (CB, PT, RT and ZA) assembled at Pond green at 08:20, and set off up through Muntham to rendezvous with KBS and MA at Puckamuck corner. n warm sunshine we climbed up to the SDW and continued west to Rackham Hill.  The Flying Brit continued on the SDW, while the rest of the peleton took the scenic valley route at mile 10.Following the SDW we took the bridge at mile 12 rather than the road over Houghton bridge, all agreeing it was to be preferred.
At mile 13 we joined Kim’s “river route” to Arundel.  Interesting events in this section were 1) a suppurating puncture for MA, with real gunk coming out of the tyre and sealing the breach, and 2) a collective falling off by PT and MA, when PT’s steed refused to jump a root (4 faults) and MA was so close behind as to have nowhere to go but down.  Luckily embarrassment was limited, as no paparazzi were on hand.  We shall not speak of it again.
The river route:

Reaching Arundel we were fortified by divers victuals, at our customary quayside venue.
Taking the road to Warningcamp, we climbed up to the APE where we were treated to a spitfire fly-past at about mile 20.
MA peeled off at mile 22.8 at Patching to return home.  The remainder ventured through the woods on a footpath to reach the top of Church Hill, where KBS headed for home.  The final four came down church hill and split at the foot of Steep Lane.
A grand morning, with hardly any roads!  Plenty of Vox Testiculorum, and some serious discussion of reclassifying the footpath from Clapham to Findon as a bridleway.