FGCC shed removal for St John the Baptist school Findon

FGCC removes shed for our local school following a call for assistance. Shed removal activity was what brought the foundation members of the FGCC together in the first place, leading to the formation of this great organisation, and so it was natural for the FGCC to respond to this call.

Chairman of Governors of the School and member of the FGCC, John Roche commented afterwards:

A brief ┬áthank you to (in no particular order), Paul, Nigel, Tim, Zach & Kim – actually that was in the order of their arrival at what became a milestone event in the history of The FGCC: the reprise of a foundation event benefiting St. John the Baptist in Findon, this time it was his school rather than his church but the task was the same: the demolition of a shed in preparation for better things and times to come.
It was indeed a turning point in the club’s history; the passing on from older members to their younger counterparts of those ancient skills, equipping the next generation with these skills, so necessary to ensure club succession.
It was heartening to think that even as we toiled, other members – dotted around the globe and unable to attend – doubtless turned their thoughts to our actions in moral support. Absent friends picture if you will the spectacle: the keen young gent hacking away at the side of the hut with all the exuberance of youth; the mature senior member steps in using just the slightly raised left eyebrow to temper this excess of enthusiasm, then calms all with a steadying hand, uttering soothing words in the avuncular way used by foundation members here and now (and seemingly always before), perhaps a calming expression such as “now where you’re going wrong is!”. You had to be there ….. either yesterday or 25+ years ago.