Reg 14

Fri 21 Sep 2007 Reg 14 – PMed by CB

MA JR RT PT CB KB-S and EN with LSV for dinner and brek. After Tea and Doughnuts at Roche Towers, depart at 2:45ish to climb up Long Furlong, then right at Tolmare. Roche memorial retouched and photographed as the peleton passed along Collarbone Alley. mr-roche-and-his-memorial1.jpg Toby’s Stone atop Bignor Hill has been restored after a decline from vandalism over recent years. No walking up any of the hills (that’s Bury, Bignor and the climb up Littleton Down), for the first time in anyone’s recollection. Budd memorial repainted and recorded, as new fence has been erected at the site.). mr-budd-and-his-memorial-1.jpg

Peleton arrived at Blue Bell at 6pm, and in the absence of the LSV repaired to the Greyhound (northward a mile or so) for rehydration until joined by EN. Sue and Steve (the new folk at Moonlight Cottage, aka Reg’s) made MA RT KB-S and JR welcome, while Janet and Malcolm provided excellent hospitality to PT, CB and EN at the B&B opposite Ruth’s. Excellent dinner at the Greyhound, with taxi return by MA to deliver drinkers to their digs (v much appreciated).


Sat 22 Return from Reg

Return leg over to Singleton then left at East Dean to Forrestry Commission site at Droke, then stiff climb up through forest to Selhurst Park. East along road and then take bridleway to end up at Whiteways lodge for tea, after PT and JR have punctures on final climb. Over the bridge at Amberley and complete the return along the Amberley loop. Last post from above Muntham thwarted, despite dry conditions, by barbed wire at gun club gate. Discussion of Reg 15 as a Gala occasion, at Moonlight Cottage, on 19 September 2008. Evening meals are now available at MC, wines to be negotiated.