The Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club “Not Gala Night”

Another splendid annual gathering of the FGCC was held at the Village House Inn on Friday 1st February, with our hosts, Paul and Amy, and chef, Did organising a choice of delicious Thai curry all washed down with gallons of excellent Harveys bitter in the restaurant. Whilst there was a moment of reflection on the demise of our usual NGN location, the Gurkha Tandoori at Thomas a Becket following the fire there and a wish for their recovery, all had a hilarious and entertaining evening naturally focused on the serious matter of “celebrating and commemorating such feats, exploits, alarums and excursions as have befallen, overtaken or blessed the assembled host” (as the invitation carefully crafted by Mr Topley had stated).
In a break with tradition the privilege and duty to be the first to propose a toast and decorate his chosen colleague fell upon Team Chaplain, the later consequence being an interruption to the sequence, though the continuous flow of Sussex bitter ensured that most were unaware of what had happened. A series of fine awards were presented, from the “Derriere Mal Anusol” award for one member’s statement at the end of one day’s riding in France to the effect that “my arse knows it has been for a long ride” to “The Faffing Tsar smelling the roses” award for another member for taking almost 40 minutes to fix a puncture. As ever the medals list is being updated as a record of the fine achievements of gentlemen of the FGCC.
There was no break in tradition when it came to toasting the FGCC, it happening every time the club was mentioned in speeches and along with the usual heckling and banter made for a thoroughly enjoyable and companionable evening, thanks to all.

Not-Gala-Night dinner speeches
NGN dinner speeches