APM and Bulldog bling stats with new awards

Two new Bling awards introduced.

APM held at the Tajdar at which Mr Topley presented the Bulldog bling stats for the most rides attended, the most distance covered and the most height climbed during 2023.

A tie between Mr Topley and Rev Allen on number of rides was settled by awarding it to the gentlemen who had attended the most rides en-peloton, which was Mr Topley. Rev Allen, having been the previous recipient for 2022 then presented this prestigious award to Mr Topley.

Two new bling awards are for the most distance and for the most height climbed on official rides. Naturally the unit of measure for height climbed is the “Everest”. Both awards were won by Mr Avery primarily due to his need to ride to Findon to join the peloton. There is the potential for this position to be challenged during 2024 by Mr Kersley with is ride over from Steyning to join us.

Then the meeting went through the draft calendar for the year 2024. The primary overnight rides of the year will be the Northwest passage and Downslink ride in March, The France trenches trip in April, the Isle of Wight ride in June and the “go West” ride in September.

The revised calendar was promptly posted on the FGCC website: FGCC calendar 2024

Gentlemen of the FGCC would like to thank the Tajdar for the tasty repast and for their service.